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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Few Pointers Before Leasing Staff

  1. Determine Definite Objectives

    All your goals should be measurable, realistic and specific as possible. A few questions to ask yourself: What are my short and long-term goals? What are the tasks that I want to be done within two or three weeks? During the course of a project, assess your goals often to see if there is progress.
  2. Tolerate Consideration

    While work is being made available online, communicating with your staff is thru the Internet as well. Be patient enough to the conditions in which your staff is in. Consider that even if they are not physically present, they are real people with real feelings.
  3. Stand as the Taskmaster

    Although the actual work is done by the staff of your choice, you are still the main exponent of the project. You are in the position to train and instruct your staff and assist him to function to his full potential.

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Staff Leasing VS. Freelance Work

Freelance workers are basically per-project employees. This means deadlines and specific work to be accomplished. With no particular instructions, they usually take the easiest way around to finish things. They have uncertain working schedules and sometimes no proper equipment for tasks to be done. Also, being self-employed, they take into consideration other projects at the same time to provide for themselves. With a lot in mind, the quality of work that they are supposed to complete is not as superior as compared to a leased staff from a reputable staff leasing company.

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